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We support all types of businesses, helping keep our towns and villages vibrant, viable places to live and work. This website will introduce us to you and give a clear idea of what we're all about, with useful business links and networking events in the Borough of Runnymede, to help you achieve your business goal!



Local sponsorship enables us to provide most of our events for free.


There is no membership fee to be part of The Runnymede Business Partnership.



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About us and what we do!

Want to find out more? contact  BusinessPartnership@runnymede.gov.uk


Established in1998, we bring together the local business community, three local Chambers of

Commerce, Surrey Police, schools, colleges and the Borough Council in order to tackle issues

affecting business across Runnymede.


The Partnership has led innovative solutions to assist businesses with in the Borough; the key issue was to reduce peak hour congestion on the busy local road network.


In answer to this we introduced Walking Buses, Cycle Shelters for schools and the Yellow Bus Scheme, which has undoubtedly helped to reduce traffic in congestion hotspots. We have seven buses serving four secondary schools in our Borough. These buses are able to operate with help from business sponsorship.


We also produce 3 Newsletters per year;  hold Breakfast Forum meetings and various other activities with the aim of supporting local businesses large or small.


We also continue to run the Runnymede Loyalty Card offering savings from the businesses of Runnymede, who wish to offer discounts to customers in the hope of developing a loyal customer base.