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Cream Tea Strodes College 2012

Our thanks to Kempton Carr Croft Chartered Surveyors for sponsoring and to Strode’s College for hosting the meeting.  77 delegates attended, including 3 students from Jubilee High School, Addlestone.  


Director, Malcolm Kempton gave a presentation on Property in Business.  He said that office sizes are becoming smaller - due to technology and home working a large business can be run from a few thousand sq.ft.  Many more commercial tenants require fixed term leases and known costs (easy in/easy out leases) with all outgoings and repairs included.   The stock of office space is aging; little new development is taking place except in prime locations.


Tony Woodward and Sue Hayes of Strode’s then spoke about some of the courses available, see more details in Student Report .


Student Report on the Cream Tea


We had a warm welcome to Strode’s College, an introduction to Runnymede Planning dept  'R-Maps' and an interesting meeting, where people talked about local business and about the college, its courses and learning strategies. We learnt about courses in starting up your own business and how apprentices can be an asset to improve business in the future.


We also celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Yellow Bus scheme with a splendid cake.


The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and all three of us enjoyed the tea and scones.

Overall, a brilliant beginning to our experience at Strode’s College in the future.






















Speakers and representatives from the The Yellow School Bus service and

Kempton Carr Croft.