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Has your local club got an event to promote?

Are you based in Runnymede?

Get in touch and maybe we can help Spread the Word...

spread the word

with our app,iRunnymede our Instagram account or

our Twitter account!

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Summer fetes, cricket matches, charity events etc.

If you would like to help your local club or group to promote their matches/events, send the details to us to spread the word via  our app (iRunnymede) notifications, plus Instagram and Twitter.  


This is for all community clubs/groups based in Runnymede Borough only.  


Please supply the important details and as much notice as possible (Date, time etc. and logos, pictures, email or web details).  We can’t promise to do all we receive but we'll do our best!


To receive the notifications, down load the app, free, as follows:

You can download the app by using the about QR code (scan with phone) or use the below link: