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The Vision for a new Surrey Village

and Business Park

There was a waiting list for this very popular breakfast forum meeting, held on 22 March at the runnymede-on-thames in Egham.  Out of the 106 booked, 92 attended the event to hear the presentation by Chris Tinker, Board Director and Regeneration Chairman, Crest Nicholson PLC.


The delegates were shown slides of maps, photos and artist’s impressions of what Crest Nicholson and JV partners Aviva envisage for the former DERA site at Longcross, near Virginia Water and Ottershaw.  The site would be split into distinct areas consistent with their existing characteristics, with energy-efficient low carbon buildings featuring across the whole site. Previously an R & D facility, including tank testing areas, the plans for the site include creating about 5000 jobs and a total of approx. 1,500 homes.


Crest Nicholson acquired the site in 2005, since then the Officers Mess and the test track etc have been extensively used for filming by TV and film companies.


Delegates were surprised to hear that Surrey is the most wooded county in England

(reference www.forestry.gov.uk ) and were interested to hear the development plans for the 310 acre site.


Strode’s College Business Studies students, Aleksandra, Cat and Nathan, felt the experience of attending the meeting and interacting with business people had been very helpful. One said, ‘I really enjoyed being told about the project and how they were hoping to achieve it, it was also interesting to know about history of the site and learn a bit about the company. Even hearing people’s concerns over the project was interesting because it was important to know but just not something I would have even considered.’


The Business Partnership is grateful to Crest Nicholson PLC. and the runnymede-on-thames hotel for  sponsoring the event.

















(L-R) Mark Adams, Runnymede Business Partnership

Chris Tinker Crest Nicholson PLC