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*all offers are subject to change and the proprietor has the right to change offer at any time.


* We do not share your information with any one with in Runnymede Borough Council or externally.

The Loyalty Card

The Loyalty Card Scheme was set up by the Runnymede Business Partnership to encourage shoppers to support their local retailers, restaurants and other businesses.


Durable plastic cards are provided free of charge to everybody that asks for one. They are not just for Runnymede residents but for anyone who works or shops in the area.


View the full list here Loyalty Card Scheme The loyalty card is one of a number of initiatives to support businesses in Runnymede.The full list is also available on our app for smart phone users.

If you wish to promote your business or apply for a loyalty offer please contact BusinessPartnership@runnymede.gov.uk

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